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From Within Comes Change and a Healthy Body

I am a Wellness Coach who can help bring a turn around and change from bad habits that can affect your lifestyle. With 30 years experience in the nursing  and healthcare sectors and a fully accredited Mind Detox therapist I bring a fresh perspective to achieving life’s goals. I  believe passionately that people already have everything  they need to fulfil their hopes dreams and ambitions if only they can shake off their negative unconscious beliefs

A healthy lifestyle depends on two key elements – mind and body –  get both in sync and you will be flying!

Which is why we use Mind Detox to work at clearing out those negative thoughts which are such a barrier to progress

Physically , for those wishing to change their size and shape , our Weight Loss Programme has been developed by a world leading nutritionist – I myself am  proof of the program’s  success!

Mentally , our Mind Detox consultation quickly gets to the root of any negative emotions . It is this technique of accessing directly the unconscious mind which makes Mind Detox ideally suited to a diverse range of situations

It is by making these positive changes to our mind and body that we can improve our lives . I am here  to work with you to help  achieve your hopes dreams and ambitions

Take the next step and contact me to discuss what you’d like to change in your life and arrange your first session or take advantage of my special weigh loss offer you’ll find it easier than you think.


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