Six Functions of the Unconscious Mind

Old habbitsMemory bank

The unconscious is the store-room of the mind, all memories are stored by association and every memory we have is stored there. Some of these memories are hard to retrieve consciously and others are easy. We can get access to these memories using hypnotic regression techniques. Some of these memories may be real events and others may be fantasy or misinterpretation.

Controls bodily functions

The unconscious keeps a check on the body and tries to keep it in balance so that we are not too hot or cold it tells us when we need to eat, drink,. go to the toilet. It protects us by monitoring our immune system and sympathetic nervous system. It contracts and relaxes our muscle when we move without even having to think about it.

Seat of emotion

The emotions we feel are generated by our unconscious and then we get a feeling at the unconscious level. If we have two conflicting emotions the strongest one will always win.

Seat of imagination

Imagination will always overcome will power. Your imagination can work for you or against you if you do not learn how to use it in the right way.

Stores habits

We go through a process of learning that take us through unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence,  conscious competence and unconscious competence. Once we go through these stages an activity becomes a habit.

Directs our energy

The unconscious mind will direct energy to wherever it is told to, this could be good or bad because the unconscious mind does not have a way to know which it is, it just chooses the easiest way  possible to direct the energy. It carries out orders without thinking about it.