Chaordic Steping stones

Tips for Working the Chaordic Stepping Stones

Chaordic Stepping Stones: Notes Derived from Dee Hock, Visa CEO; embracing chaos and creative order. When individual purpose becomes social (event and process planning). Nine steps of project management: Need, purpose, principles, people—the first four steps; collectively, the invitation; iterative.


•Create buzz, excitement with the invitation; pitch it •Articulate your need; if the need isn’t valid, pressing, relevant, you have no meeting/project •Recruit the system to fix the system •Core team as a series of conversations •Who should come? Brainstorm with post it notes; proceed from the center out to concentric circles •Invite actual people, not roles or job descriptions. How people show up is critical to the energy in the room; energy at the beginning of the meeting is directly proportional to the level of effort in the invitation. Engage people long before they arrive. Concept, limiting beliefs, structure—planning the meeting/project. •What makes you tremble? •If you don’t address limiting beliefs, fear is built into the structure •Believing you’re in control is a limiting belief •Believing you need to control is a limiting belief structure •Everything must have a need •Everything must be harvestable, provide value •Planning spreadsheet •Activity, purpose, harvest, lead logistics •If there is no purpose, no harvest, no one willing to assume lead, the activity doesn’t happen •Recruiting leadership of activities is a harvest •Never fail to prioritise next actions •Another meeting is also an action