Event report: Participatory Leadership, 24-26 June 2014, Scotland

 AoH Nov 2013The course was attended by forward-thinking leaders and facilitators of meetings with employees, customers, boards, public engagement, neighbourhoods, groups seeking more effective ways to inspire, engage and activate innovation and business value within their teams and stakeholders. This is about leaders and future leaders who deal with complexities in groups.

Our philosophy calls for engagement and shared leadership, so participation were not limited to official titled leaders only, leaders without titles were encouraged to join. Participants who were passionate about facilitating positive change and making a difference in their community, organisation or workplace attended.

All involved in organised and delivering this training  gave there time for free; our international mentors also gave their time for free, and the funds raised through the course fees covered the expenses of our international mentors and all the expense that arose from the three day event. This was an enormous undertaking for us and we now seek funding to enable us to provide more training courses.