Co-design Health and Social Care Services

Citizens’ power and participation are essential to co-design the integration across Health and Social Care Services in Scotland.  The forthcoming Community Empowerment Bill lays out that “public service providers should give communities a say in how services are delivered. Examples of public service providers are hospitals, schools, police, and local councils.”

The integration is complex and multi-layered and requires a series of participative open public events that generate discussions among communities about the possibility of exploring whether the people of the region might be able to create a new response to the impending health and social care Iintegration.

How can we together create affordable and sustainable integrated healthcare for all in Scotland?your health

The traditional method is to gain input and solve complexity by breaking the whole down into parts and to segment the market by various means. Key stakeholders stand above the process and give presentations to targeted audiences, and then a question and answer session is invited, surveys undertaken over the internet or articles published in newspapers.

People are hungry for more effective meetings where all stakeholders can participate and work better together amidst times of change and high complexity. If the integration across Health and Social Care Services in Scotland is truly to meet the needs of us all, we need to move beyond consultation to citizens to participatory decision make using methods such as the Art of Hosting .

If public service providers truly wish communities to a have a say in how services are delivered, a process of co-learning and co-evolution needs to be implemented: processes and engagement strategies that bring out the best in our communities and that foster collaboration.

Do you enjoy being in conversations where your voice is heard?  Do you appreciate time to think and value being offered a new perspective? I do!

How do we together ‘do’ collaboration and achieve participation?

The answer: create a series of unconferences. ‘What is that?’ I hear you say! An Unconference is a participant-driven meeting. At an Unconference, anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on the overarching topic can claim a time and a space.

As a result a diverse range of stakeholders, sharing the same space, will have participated, discovering different perspectives and ways of thinking, sharing ideas, and it’s in this space that innovation emerges. You can ask for solutions to the relevant issues in your organisation and the integration across Health and Social Care Services in Scotland can truly meet the needs of the people.

At the end of the Unconference we collate all that has taken place and send this out to you. Key themes of what citizens want from an integration of Health and Social Care Services in Scotland will have emerged. This process has been successful around the world, including for affordable and sustainable healthcare systems. It can be here!