What’s your Organisation’s Purpose

In order to thrive, a business must be aligned around a meaningful purpose and shared values. With our help, you’ll rediscover the real purpose that sits at the core of your organisation, bringing total clarity to guide every aspect of your organisation.

Together, we’ll define shared values using a combination of surveys and facilitated sessions. This process draws out desired behaviours, enabling every employee to understand what’s important.

We’ll help you align facilitated, teams and behaviours to the organisation’s purpose and values, engaging people at every step of the way for sustained change.

  • True purpose discovery: We’ll work with your founder or most senior people to uncover purposethe real, meaningful purpose of your business, to create a clear and inspiring organising point.
  • Shared values definition: We’ll use online surveys and fun, creative group work to uncover the deeply held values that your people share.
  • Purposeful engagement programme: Taking either your purpose or shared values, we’ll use facilitated group work to develop a deep and personal understanding of them, so they have real impact on your business.