Meaningful conversations for wiser action

At the heart of what we do is facilitation of Participatory Leadership within organisations to drive enhanced performance. Within your organisation your people have the solutions to the problems you’re facing. We harness the collective knowledge and wisdom of everyone in an organisation to generate innovative solutions to move the organisation forward.

Our services range from one-off interventions to more in-depth programmes of sustainable culture change, all based round around the principles of Participatory Leadership. All our programmes are aimed at promoting radically better engagement, stronger commitment and sharper thinking, leading to powerful but actionable outcomes.

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The core method used is the ‘ Art of Hosting. of collaborative conversations among your key groups e.g. employees, customers, the public or a wider community, to look differently at issues and relationships so that step-change can happen.

Why are we different? We work with you when the challenges are complex and multi-layered.

By involving stakeholders at the start of the process, working from the outside in and asking powerful questions, innovative ideas emerge from the collective wisdom, thus exposing the myth that there is a ‘one right strategy’ that can be replicated. The outcomes we deliver will place you in the best possible position to decide which ideas to build on within your organisation to create a solution.

If you want positive buy-in and backing from staff, highly constructive relationships with partner organisations, innovative ideas and outcomes, increased and better financial rewards – or even just a better working day – a more meaningful conversation might be just the answer!

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