U.Lab – A new approach to change

Central Edinburgh U lab Hub, Networking, reflect on learning in groups, participate in small coaching circles and having fun!

I Join the global movement in January 2015  and und unter took the  MIT MOOC,  know as Theory U – Transforming Business, Society, and Self and hosted a small hub where we could learn together and deepen our awareness of our learning during the  MOOC.

One of the key insights of Theory U is that:  the quality of the results in any kind of  intervention is a function of the awareness that people in the system are operating from. Even though our world is interconnected in ways unimaginable even a decade ago, in many cases our awareness–whether as individuals, organizations or nations–is still limited and local.

I have now secured premises in Edinburgh City Chambers  during the forthcoming MOOC that begins in September. Holding weekly meetings on Mondays will allow participants time to view the webinars and complete the other activities from the previous Thursday over the weekend

Presencing-Model-smallThe Scottish Government (Local Government and Communities Directorate) is promoting the ‘U.Lab’ approach to leadership for transformational change through development of “…..a new consciousness and a new collective leadership capacity to meet challenges in a more conscious, intentional, and strategic way. The development of such a capacity would allow us to create a future of greater possibilities.”

U.Lab will run from 10 September until end-October 2015, and will be delivered partly online and partly through local groups meeting together (physically or online), at no financial cost.  Participation will involve a commitment of at least 3 hours each week, primarily through online learning materials which can be accessed 24/7 – whenever it suits participants. You can find out more here https://www.presencing.com/ulab/overview.

In summary, U.Lab is a global programme run by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and led by Otto Scharmer, (see video here), one of the world’s most respected thinkers and change practitioners. U.Lab provides world-leading expertise on how to accelerate change; participants themselves will bring the particular issues that are important to them. Given the potential we believe U.Lab has to support communities and improve outcomes the Scottish Government is working with Otto Scharmer to deliver additional bespoke Scottish elements of the global programme, including developing a supporting local infrastructure of hubs across Scotland.

I am part of the hosting team for the U lab hub in central Edinburgh i if you are participating in the MOOC and looking to join a hub in Edinburgh please contact me for more details.