How I can help you

Transforming the effectiveness of organisations through practical routes to participation

I can help you to design internal meetings, workshops, conferences and meetings with the public by using proven methods that generate positive creative discussions on issues that really matter both to clients and to the organisation.

I can work with you to identify what you want from meetings and what colleagues see as a good meeting and then design and test for you a new format for meetings, leaving you having fewer, more effective meetings.

I can organise participatory events, whether to build real buy-in step by step or to develop world _Cafecommitment to tackle the difficult challenges that never seem to get resolved and therefore require an innovative, future-oriented approach.

I can build a planning process that allows your organisation to adopt and spread best practice easily and systematically. I draw on a range of methodologies and techniques including Participatory Leadership, Theory U, Art of Hosting, World Café and Open Space.

My approach to each assignment is to have an initial, no-cost diagnostic meeting with the client to establish what would help and how and where I can make a difference. From the initial meeting I will produce a tailored proposal for you, the client. Where appropriate I can bring in experienced associates to work on specific topics such as employee participation.

My approach works with commercial, public sector, third sector and community organisations. I enjoy engagements with both small teams and large groups of staff or other stakeholders.

If this makes sense in terms of your agenda for moving forward, why not give me a call? Every situation and organisation is unique and I will work with you, using my detailed knowledge of a range of different methods and techniques, to develop a programme that is tailored specifically to your needs.

fiona-savage-150x150Fiona Savage has 20 years’ experience in business development across sectors that include global pharmaceuticals, the health service, start up enterprise and the charity sector.
Throughout this time she became increasingly interested in how different cultures within organisations can impact on customers, employees and other stakeholder groups, as well overall organisational performance. This interest has led her to start up a consultancy working with a small group of supporting colleagues with complementary skills and experience, bringing new and informed insights to these fundamental issues. Fiona has trained in and used Participatory Leadership and Theory U (as developed at MIT) which she uses to encourage leaders to step into and shape