Has your mental or physical health ever been impacted by your job?

From the Work Wages and Wellbeing initiative from the Scottish Government.

“The questionnaire asked if people’s health had been affected by their job. Around 62% of people who responded answered ‘yes’. Of this 62%, 88% mentioned stress, anxiety or depression. “

Our legacy model of trying to tackle these big key question that can effect all of us is to set up a committee/working group   and ask expert to research what might be done, it usually results in provided training and create awareness of the issues or develop policy. This may go some way to alleviate the problem but it’s a top down model and out dates.

Self-organization offers hope for a simpler and more effective way to accomplish work. It challenges the most fundamental assumptions about how organisation happens and the role of leaders.  There are a growing number of organisations and free radical leader that have successfully implemented self-organising in the work place. Leadership needs to move from Ego to Eco to applied  the fundamental way of organising like living cell?

When our workplace are in synchronisation with the way the world is organised, workplace will become happier healthier and more productive.