Fire Start Festival and Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

At the opening of the Fire Start Festival on Monday 23 January, those presenting to the participants collectively mentioned 28 times that in order to achieve what is the need in Scotland we require to THINK DIFFERENTLY!

We are looking forward to sharing the information we gathered at Mind The Gap that highlighted the gap in the culture and thinking and the change needed.

Eighty participants attended and used a worldview exercise. Worldview enables us to identify the particular philosophy of life or conception of the world and how we think about the world from a Scottish stance.

Participants were asked: Which worldview most closely reflects their experience of the Scottish public sector? and the using the same tool were asked, “Where do Scottish public sector leaders need to lead from to be successful?”

This identified the worldview gap that exists today in the Scotish public sector thinking, How Public sector thinks today and how it needs to think and lead to create the Scotland we desire for our future.