Fire Starter Celebration! Parliamentary Reception

Last night at the Fire Starter Celebration! Parliamentary Reception I said a few words about our Mind the Gap event

At the opening of the Fire Start Festival on Monday 23 January, those presenting to the participants collectively mentioned 28 times that in order to achieve what is the need in Scotland we require to THINK DIFFERENTLY!  This is what we explored

We had a 70% attendees equalling 81 participates

From across Scotland and a couple who came for the event from the Netherland after seeing a post on Facebook.

What attracted people?

  • Think and learn and reflect
  • Think in new ways
  • To unstick the culture
  • What triggers consciousness
  • The second enlightenment

We used tools developed from Prof Clare Graves work and Integral Psychology.

The Gap was identified by participated between what they experienced in the public sector and where the public sector needs to lead from.

The Data

Show that the order driven culture in public sector can feel like a ball and chain around the ankles of those that what a people driven culture of equality.

Participants mapped their own organising and discovered culture norms and business systems are lagging behind customer, suppliers and policy

All participants were asked to send a Valentine from the future to their grandchildren

Some themes from the valentines were:

Dear Grandchildren,

In 2067 what I love about Scotland is…..

Fairer society: diversity of the country, an outward looking Scotland across Europe and the World.

In 2017 I attended Mind the Gap and what I took away from the day was…
Change is inevitable; Explored mind-sets; Understanding of human thinking: The capacity for change is everywhere; We as humans are amassing: Challenge Convention thinking; We continue to evolve.

To help create the A Scotland we know today I did my bit by….
Help break down the barriers Challenge Constructively bad system: Speak my mind and not be afraid to challenge authority: Being open-minded and was not scared to change despite barriers imposed on me: Support culture change in Government.

We will be realising the full report in a few days.nspiring insight for the workshop

Christopher Sheila and I have been inspired by the Fire Started Festival, and we would like to thank the  Government for organisers the week and all the participant who attended Mind the Gap.

To  find out how to close the gap, please contact me we  are running several workshops over the next six months