Worldviews – MIND THE GAP

We all have one. It’s something we rarely discuss or even consider. Yet, it does not matter where we live, how educated we are, or whether we are rich or poor. Each one of us acts and lives in the way we do because of our worldview.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a worldview as, ”a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.” In simple terms, it’s like putting on a pair of glasses that filter our world.

On the surface, our worldview appears as a collection of beliefs that are important and dear to us. For example, our religious and political beliefs, or the values that influence our choices.

On a deeper level, the schema act as an operating system inside our brains. The schema are the mental structures that organise our worldview. This framework supplies a comprehensive view of what a person considers to be reality, or to be right or wrong. Consciously or unconsciously we fit everything we believe into this mental operating system.

A worldview is a person’s road map. When we are faced with challenges, or questions, our worldview filters potential answers using the operating system inside our mind.

Paradoxically, when our mindset begins to change we start to move into a new worldview which transcends and includes all of our previous worldviews. When this happens, we may feel internal dissonance, because our mind is trying to figure out how to reconcile contradictory values and beliefs.

Within an organisation, there is often a broad span of worldviews. And there is often a gap between the thinking behind the systems and structures of the organisation, and the worldviews of the employees and customers. The resulting misalignment of culture can lead to employee disengagement, low client loyalty, and consequently poor financial returns.

It is possible to identify the mind-culture gap for individuals, team and organisation, and discover effective ways to close the gap. Join us for a FREE webinar where we will discuss the mind-culture gap and what can be done about it.

Our worldview will guide how we deal with problems and if we can establish the root cause or just the symptoms.

MIND THE GAP: I’m sick of dealing with symptoms!