A Way of Understanding Human Nature

At work and in life itself, clear communication comes from understanding people’s differences, how they view the world, how they think or process information, what they see as important and even the words they use.

This can often be a challenge though because people are very complex individuals. So what if there was a ‘code’ to human behaviour that made it easier to unlock the mysteries within people’s thinking?

What if you could speak to your customers, clients, team members even your partner and children in their ‘language’? What if you were able to build trust more quickly with your customers because they know you ‘get’ them and all because you knew how to crack the code of human behaviour and thinking.

We all know that people will do business with those whom they know, like and trust and who can answer their underlying question of ‘What’s in it for me?’

Graves technology  gave us such a code with 8 levels of thinking that form the basis of this code.

  • Do you know anybody who is:
    Reserved and safety-conscious?
    Impulsive and adventurous?
    Rebellious and creative?
    Dedicated to results at any cost?
    Infinitely Caring?
    Fearless and go-getting?

What mind-set or code is behind these  different types of people?

Well known companies ranging from Conoco Philips to Harley Davidson have used Graves technology  to better understand their people, enhance communication and increase the effectiveness of their marketing.

Common benefits from learning Graves technology include:
More Effective Communication
More Effective Communication
Increased Productivity
Profound insights into group dynamics.

I will be run courses in the autumn  if you would like to attend please let me know .