Teal for Teal Scotland

Friday 18th November, a 1-day workshops in Edinburgh to stimulate fresh thinking.

We will explore the theory behind the book, REINVENTING ORGANIZATIONS, by Frederic  LaLoux. His research is inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness. The next stage in human evolution has been variously labelled authentic, Integral, or Teal. The dynamics of human evolution hold true for Evolutionary Teal as much as they do for all previous paradigms: the more adaptive and flexible our worldview, the more effectively we can deal with problems we face.

The workshops will explore the theory described in Part I of LaLoux’s book:

Part I: Historical and Developmental Perspective

1.1 Changing paradigms: past and present organisational models
1.2 About stages of development
1.3 Evolutionary Teal

In the transition to Teal, we acquire three new learning styles. Do any of them sound familiar, or inspiring to you?

  • We start by acquiring an Observational Learning Style — observation, participation and shared experience are the best teachers, as we gain insight by watching what happens to others because of their actions.
  • Then, we acquire an Informational Learning Style — self-paced and tailored to the learning goals of the individual. Rewards are generated within the learner rather than provided from outside.
  • And then we acquire an Experiential Learning Style — experiential learning involves a sharing of consciousness at a level beyond group affiliation, or the quest for information.
 This workshop stimulates all three of these learning styles through discussion, information-rich materials, and experiential exercises.
Bring your own challenge to work with during these workshops. It could be about work, family, your personal development, or something bigger — a community-wide challenge. Through the four sessions, you will have a chance to take a deep dive exploring:
  • What are the worldviews (philosophies of life or conception of the world)  that underpin your challenge?
  • What is the worldview that is required to lead through the challenge?
  • What does self-organising look like?
  • How can self-organising help you with your challenge?
  • What are some next steps you can take to address your challenge?
Prior to the workshop, each participant will be asked to complete a  culture scan which will help us in the design of the workshop, and some of the data will be used in the workshop

Friday 18th November,

Registration 9 am  finishing 4.30pm
Venue: Sighthill Campus, Edinburgh College.
Cost £120 inclusive of VAT
If you are interested in attending this  one day workshop please drop me an E-mail or get in touch: Tel: 07880 788 759.