About Us

I am Fiona Savage, a Collaborative Change Facilitator and development and training consultant, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Combining insights from 20 years in business development and strategic management, with experience gained in the both the public and private sector and from working with charities, I help bring about collaborative change – in the workplace, to the whole organisation and on a personal level.

Central to my approach is participatory engagement, strategic clarity and collaborative action. I bring creativity, an understanding of team dynamics and the ability to create a safe environment for discussion, to help facilitate the process.

Working together

I am a personal coach, facilitator and trainer experienced in working together with public, private and third sector (not-for-profit) organisations of all sizes both here in Scotland and across the UK. I work with you when the challenges are complex and multi-layered.

By involving stakeholders at the start, working from the outside in and asking powerful questions, innovative ideas emerge from the collective wisdom, thus exposing the myth that there is no ‘one right strategy’ that can be replicated. The outcomes we deliver will place you in the best possible position to decide which ideas to build on within your organisation to create a solution.

She has trained in Spiral dynamics is a model of analysis of the development of humanity based on the predominant values in different sectors and human societies. First, it describes systems in people, not the types of people. Therefore, it is not a typology to put people in drawers. But it shows values that we have learned, loved and/or rejected in the course of our lives. Consequently, our decisions are influenced and we are thus motivated to act.

She utilises Wilber’s Quadrants is a powerful model that recognises four modes of a general approach for human beings.
Two axes are used: on one axis people tend towards

  • Facilitating discussions to find innovative solutions – with buy-in from your employees, stakeholders and customers.
  • Designing and delivering training – to achieve your objectives.
  • Team development – creating functional teams.

As well as facilitation skills, I am a qualified MBTI Practitioner and specialise in Participatory Leadership  also know as the Art of Hosting. I have trained in Theory U, and have a deep understanding of applying the creative framework process to individuals, groups and organisations. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn. Through a creative approach and smart execution, I draw solutions and ideas into the open for the benefit of the whole organisation.

None of us is as smart as all of us

I work in collaboration  with the following experienced practitioners

In addition over the years I have developed a wide-reaching network of sector specialists, highly-qualified practitioners and industry experts. This network means I can take on work of incredible diversity, scale and scope, by bringing in associates on a project-by-project basis. I don’t let my size hold me back, and while my consultancy is growing, you can always be confident that when you get in touch I’ll always be available.


Fiona has worked very hard to instil change in the workplace, the experience speaks for itself and her ability to motivate teams of people as I witnessed with young cares in Ayr, is inestimable. chic.brodie.msp

“Fiona ‘herds cats’ better than anyone I know. She brings people of all backgrounds together to a common purpose and has a complete toolbox of techniques – World Café, Open Space and Appreciative Inquire – which she uses to bring out the best in participants, and to enable the most constructive possible outcomes.” Chris Cook, Senior Research Fellow UCL, Institute for Security and Resilience Studies Director

“It was a pleasure to work with Fiona to organise and facilitate our events. Her attention to detail and flexibility meant everything ran like clockwork. Fiona put the delegates at the heart of things which ensured everyone left satisfied with the way the event ran. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.” James Proctor Strategic Relations Officer Co-operatives UK