Central Edinburgh U Lab Hub

Delighted to be Hosting Edinburgh Central  U Lab Hub

An invitation to participate in a U.Lab  Hub an  opportunity to  network, reflect on learning in groups, participate in small coaching circles, develop prototypes  and having fun.

Central Edinburgh U.Lab Hub will be held in Edinburgh City Chambers on Mondays from 5.30 – 9659445_orig8.00pm during the forthcoming MOOC that begins in Thursday 10th September.

Holding weekly meetings on Mondays will allow participants time to view the webinars and complete the other activities from the previous Thursday over the weekend. The space offered for the U.Lab Hub can accommodate up to 40 participants comfortably.

My initial thoughts for the Central Edinburgh U.Lab Hub are:-

  • 5.30–8.00 pm every Monday allowing people to come straight from work
  • 5.30 – 6.00 will be an opportunity to network
  • 6pm – 8pm reflect on each weeks learning and possibly participate in coaching circles.
  • Depending on the number of people who wish to attend the Hub, we could accommodate around 4- 6 different topics. Topics are still to be clarified topics so far, (i) something around Health and Social Care (ii) Self Organising Work Places (iii) Leadership (iv) Climate Change/Energy (v) Theory U as a personal learning journey.
  • Furthermore, for those who are able to get time off work for the U.Lab Live Events, there will be an opportunity for participants to arrange to meet and participate in these events together. No central venue has been arranged for these events.

An e-mail will be going out soon  with regard to our first meeting to enable participants to network share ideas and start to organise ourselves for our learning journey on the forthcoming UL course.

Kind regards

Fiona Savage