Outcomes – film screening and discussion Edinburgh – 25th January 2016

Hosted by Jacqui Martin and Fiona Savage

This report provides an overview of the discussion that followed the first showing in Scotland of _DSC4054this film from Germany which demonstrated how new ways of working are being adopted by several companies. Some of the new working methods that were shown included;

      • self-organisation,
      • participatory leadership
      • transparency
      • authenticity

Is this only a dream or just another theory? No! The film shows companies and people that already live it today. The film does not provide any recipes or success formulas; instead it sets out to inspire everyone who wants to make a difference in their respective working environments.

monday 25 jan 2016Event participants Invitations were issued to leaders and opinion formers across all sectors public, private, charitable and third sector including trade unions. A total of 35 participants attended the event on Monday 25th January at the Business Centre in Edinburgh Council City Chambers.

As people arrived, they were asked why they responded to the invitation to attend this event. Some of the responses were as follows;

    • I’m building an extraordinary business team to fit the ethos of an extraordinary business”
    •  “Sounded interesting”
    •  ‘It’s a topic that interests me hugely on a professional and personal level!”
    • “Interested in new ways of working – there must be a better way!”
    •  “Always looking for new ways of working to improve profitability and fun at work”
    • “Looking for more effective ways of working – traditional decision making does not make effective use of time”
    • “MD of employee owned business”
    •  “Curiosity”
    •  “The way we are doing it now needs to change”
    •  “Interested in improving ways of working/productivity/wellbeing. Work interest too – women & work project”
    •  “Curiosity and a spirit of adventure”
    •  “To hear more about how companies and their staff can work better together for the benefit of both sides”
    •  “Interested in doing things differently to achieve more (and better) outcomes
    •  ‘Employee empowerment long overdue”
    •  “Interested in employee ownership”
    •  ‘Always interested in sharing and learning around how the way we work can be different. We need something new!”
    •  I’m interested in engagement and productivity”
    •  “Learning from others”
    •  “Recently implemented share scheme and keen to see experiences of this with different organisations”
    •  “To explore with others how the workforces of the future can work more effectively”
    • “Fellow of CIPD so useful”

Discussion questions The participants were asked to formed small groups of five and to discuss two questions.

The first question was, “If you reflect on what you’ve seen on the film, how does this compare and contrast to your current or past experience of work?”

_DSC4084The current work place was described by phrases such as “lack of trust from hierarchy”; “dog eat dog”; “try not to make mistakes”; “unsaid or unspoken agenda.” Only one person felt that their current post was “Bliss” with an understanding that they were extremely fortunate to work in the environment they do. The participants described the workplaces in the film as “having high levels of respect”; “unrecognisable”; “everyone was engaged”.

_DSC3970The second question focused on how we might create better workplaces and answers included “raise awareness”, “improve communication”, “better technology” and “change the education system.” A full list of outcomes from the event can be found below

If you reflect on what you’ve seen on the film, how does this compare and contrast to your current or past experience of work?

current v film work place 25 jan 2016

Putting aside the barriers, how might we rise to the opportunity to work in new ways to create a more productive and thriving economy and a healthier, happier and engaged workforce in Scotland?

q2 monday 25 jan 2016

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