My Partners

Karen Barr, BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Mindfulness

Karen Barr Mindfulness Coach Edinburgh

Karen is an accredited mindfulness teacher, coach and trainer.
Karen has worked with a variety of organisations, in both the public and private sectors and has experienced first-hand how Mindfulness can change the culture of an organisation by promoting wellbeing in individuals, allowing them to reduce stress, increase resilience, improve focus and develop stronger interpersonal relationships.
Karen also delivers courses in Leadership, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills Assertiveness Training, Selling Skills and Time Management. She is an Associate Lecturer at Napier University, an NXD of Advocard, an Edinburgh charity that provides advocacy services for people with mental ill health.

CHRISTOPHER COOKE Founder and Managing Director of 5 Deep Limited (UK). International provision of comprehensive systemic change management and innovation support for individuals and unnamedorganisations. A focus on Change Management through leadership development, process optimization, and cultural release facilitation, including the provision of supporting training and organisational design and alignment. 

Multi-sector change management experience includes: Water, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Local Authorities and Regional Development, Investment Management, Education, The Churches, Politics, Law Enforcement, Anti-terrorism, Military, Industrial, Leadership Development, Sports, Transport, Music, Beauty.

Relevant experience includes:

  • Advisor on the RSA Working Group on Re-inventing Organisations.
  • Trainer / Advisor / CEO Mentor for the NHS-focused NE Change Centre (1998-2009).
  • Strategic Change Advisor for the Creation of an Integrated Healthcare System – Texas Medical Centre – 2004 to 2007 ($3Bn).
  • Research and capacity-building in large-scale healthcare innovation (UK NHS Health Action Zone Initiative) and in social regeneration (Hemsmesh Project 41,000 Population – Youth Employability Focus) (1998 – 2001)

SHEILA COOKE is a lead consultant with 5 Deep, which is focused on igniting the new era unnamed (1)through Factor 100 Innovation and Change.  5 Deep offers a principle-based approach that is outlined scientifically and validated through repeatable experience, with a focus on change management through leadership development, process optimization, and cultural facilitation, including the provision of supporting training and organisational development. With a dedicated focus on the education and application of Solonics, Sheila specializes as a designer and trainer of virtual and face-to-face collaboration processes that build resilience and adaptability within organizations to lead through complexity, by building capacity for self-organisation

Derek Howden: IT, Media and WordPress Expert.

Derek Howden IT, Media and WordPress specialist

Derek has been working in IT sector for over 15 years now, he has a degree in Interactive Multimedia Communication and extensive experience in web design and programing. He has worked on many projects and has a vast experience which he brings in a fresh and creative way. He runs Edinburgh Fringe Live, a community media driven project that covers the entertainment from the Edinburgh Fringe and shares it to the world.


Jacqui Mitchell: Specialist in Employee Ownership and Participatory Leadership

Jacqui Mitchell: Specialist in employee ownership and participatory leadership

Jacqui has extensive knowledge of Participatory Leadership and experience of embedding it in organisations. Over the last five years she has provided intensive advice and support to a wide range of companies moving to employee ownership. Her approach has been integral to unleashing the potential of people in these companies and allowing them to move to the new role of ‘owner’. Jacqui is fully committed to approaches of  self organisation as the route to unlocking the ‘success potential’ within organisations. Her advocacy of self-organisation builds upon her career as a manager, consultant and trainer in both the private and third sectors. She also has direct hands-on experience of business change having established, developed and sold on a small business focused on providing services to property investors and landlords. Jacqui has an MBA and is also a qualified management accountant.

FIONA SAVAGE  has worked in the business development sector for 20 years, latterly in her own business fiona-savage-150x150Fiona Savage Associates. She helps bring about collaborative change – in the workplace, to the whole organisation and on a personal level.  She has a background in nursing, has worked for several large commercial organisations in healthcare and held a number of account director roles with national healthcare helplines.   Fiona is  a trained facilitator and  practices Participatory Leadership which allows for fast, flexible, and fluid coordination and decision-making which is far more adaptive and co-creative than any other organisational model currently being used. Fiona trained in Theory U (as developed at MIT) which she uses to encourage leaders to step into and shape the emerging future. These inform her distinctive approach to the issues.

Her philosophy is always to start with the premise that people are not problems waiting to be solved, but sources of potential waiting to be opened up. This is the route to individual, team and organisational effectiveness and well-being.