My Partners

Karen Barr, BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Mindfulness

Karen Barr Mindfulness Coach Edinburgh

Karen is an accredited mindfulness teacher, coach and trainer.
Karen has worked with a variety of organisations, in both the public and private sectors and has experienced first-hand how Mindfulness can change the culture of an organisation by promoting wellbeing in individuals, allowing them to reduce stress, increase resilience, improve focus and develop stronger interpersonal relationships.
Karen also delivers courses in Leadership, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills Assertiveness Training, Selling Skills and Time Management. She is an Associate Lecturer at Napier University, an NXD of Advocard, an Edinburgh charity that provides advocacy services for people with mental ill health.

Chris Cook Senior Research Fellow UCL

Chris Cook

Following an early career in the UK Department of Trade & Industry, Chris was a market regulator at the Association of Futures Brokers & Dealers, and then at the International Petroleum Exchange (latterly as a Director). At the IPE, he developed successful new trading mechanisms such as Exchange of Futures for Swaps; Volatility Trades; and Settlement Trades.

Between 1998-2000, he founded and developed NewClear, a generic transaction confirmation concept, still widely used in global markets.

Chris now works mainly in Scotland, with Nordic Enterprise Trust, to develop new partnership-based enterprise models, and related financial products and services.

His work at ISRS is focused on a new generation of networked markets – which will, in Chris’s view, necessarily be dis-intermediated, open, decentralised and, therefore, resilient.

Tylara Duncan M.Arch, AAA. L.I.D, B.I.D.

She studied with William Mc Donough and is specialized in Cradle to Cradle and the topic of sustainability in architecture and other social topics. In her own words: “Through this work experience, I realized that how we communicate with each other and connect with each other’s intentions is key to the design success and process.



Mr Govert van Ginkel LLMs

Mr Govert van Ginkel LLMs an expert in dealing with stress, open communication skills and strengthening resilience in individuals and organisations  As a trainer, lecturer and motivational speaker he presents to hundreds of people each year, he is a mediator with a master’s degree in law, a masters degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices, trainer in Nonviolent Communication, the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), and facilitator for Restorative Circles. He has served a wide variety of clients. Govert shares from his own experience which brings stories alive and is inspiring to hear. Solutions are developed from extensive research and training and his experience as a counsellor, group facilitator, and community member. He says of his work: “I thrive by empowering and inspiring people.”  His training is accredited by the Dutch Mediators Federation MfN, The register for sworn interpreters and translators, the association of family law and divorce lawyers and the certification organization KIWA. For more details refer to:


Derek Howden: IT, Media and WordPress Expert.

Derek Howden IT, Media and WordPress specialist

Derek has been working in IT sector for over 15 years now, he has a degree in Interactive Multimedia Communication and extensive experience in web design and programing. He has worked on many projects and has a vast experience which he brings in a fresh and creative way. He runs Edinburgh Fringe Live, a community media driven project that covers the entertainment from the Edinburgh Fringe and shares it to the world.


Jacqui Mitchell: Specialist in Employee Ownership and Participatory Leadership

Jacqui Mitchell: Specialist in employee ownership and participatory leadership

Jacqui has extensive knowledge of Participatory Leadership and experience of embedding it in organisations. Over the last five years she has provided intensive advice and support to a wide range of companies moving to employee ownership. Her approach has been integral to unleashing the potential of people in these companies and allowing them to move to the new role of ‘owner’. Jacqui is fully committed to approaches of  self organisation as the route to unlocking the ‘success potential’ within organisations. Her advocacy of self-organisation builds upon her career as a manager, consultant and trainer in both the private and third sectors. She also has direct hands-on experience of business change having established, developed and sold on a small business focused on providing services to property investors and landlords. Jacqui has an MBA and is also a qualified management accountant.

Fiona Savage Facilitator & Catalyst applying Spiral Dynamics Value Systems and Wilber 4 Quadrants

Fiona has worked in the business development sector for 20 years, latterly in her own business fiona-savage-150x150Fiona Savage Associates. She helps bring about collaborative change – in the workplace, to the whole organisation and on a personal level.  She has a background in nursing, has worked for several large commercial organisations in healthcare and held a number of account director roles with national healthcare helplines.   Fiona is a trained Art of Hosting facilitator and practices Participatory Leadership which allows for fast, flexible, and fluid coordination and decision-making which is far more adaptive and co-creative than any other organisational model currently being used.

She has trained in Spiral dynamics is a model of analysis of the development of humanity based on the predominant values in different sectors and human societies. First, it describes systems in people, not the types of people. Therefore, it is not a typology to put people in drawers. But it shows values that we have learned, loved and/or rejected in the course of our lives. Consequently, our decisions are influenced and we are thus motivated to act.

She utilises Wilber’s Quadrants is a powerful model that recognises four modes of a general approach for human beings.
Two axes are used: on one axis people tend towards

  •  individuality OR collectivity
  • and on the other, towards an interior view (subjectivity) OR an exterior view (objectivity).

Fiona trained in Theory U (as developed at MIT) which she uses to encourage leaders to step into and shape the emerging future. These inform her distinctive approach to the issues.

Her philosophy is always to start with the premise that people are not problems waiting to be solved, but sources of potential waiting to be opened up. This is the route to individual, team and organisational effectiveness and well-being.