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Human Thinking Theory

On Monday at the launch of the Firestarter Festival, the presenters mentioned collectively over 28 times we need to change how we think
How much time do you give to understanding how you think and how your organisations thinks?
If you don’t know how you think and how your organisations thinks how can you begin to change how you think?
Yesterday we hosted the first of 3 Mind the Gap workshops as part of the Firestarter Festival, participants explored:
Human Thinking Theory.
What it is… Principles …..Dominant Themes of Human Thinking?
What are principles of Human emergence?
What are the themes of each stage of Development?
Great feedback from the day from participants. Curiosity sparked, an assessment was completed  by participant of how they think and how the public sector needs to think in order to create the future Scotland desires for itself

Systems Thinking

I was one of six authors of Systems Thinking, published by the Management Innovation Exchange. You can find the full publication here


Deming and others showed that when you look at the performance of an organisation, about 85% to 95% is due to the system. That leaves roughly only about 10% that is due wholly or in the total control of the person doing the work. How often have you heard people say in their 1:1 appraisal ‘that goal was out of my total control to deliver’. Continue reading