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The Butterfly Story – Positive Change

“The idea of change is most often symbolised by the butterfly which takes a completely different form, ‘trans-forms’ from one part of its life to the next.”

In its earlier form it is usually a slow, ‘dull’ earth-bound consumer. caterpillar
By going within, into its dark chrysalis, for a period of time,
the butterfly emerges to take flight into beauty and grace.

In Norie Huddle‘s book, Butterfly, she writes:  Continue reading

Six Functions of the Unconscious Mind

Old habbitsMemory bank

The unconscious is the store-room of the mind, all memories are stored by association and every memory we have is stored there. Some of these memories are hard to retrieve consciously and others are easy. We can get access to these memories using hypnotic regression techniques. Some of these memories may be real events and others may be fantasy or misinterpretation. Continue reading