Testimonials from the one day self-organising course

Our participants valued it!

 The course explores how self organising teams can improve organisational outcomes and reduce cost while improving overall engagement levels at work. To do this a key tenent was that real change happens when leaders in an organisation realise that human change is all about mindset, and creating the conditions for the desired mindset starting with him / her self.  The course defines mindset as a  coping mechanism active in a given context that is an expression of world views where world views are meaning-making capacities within an individual that influence what is important to them and what they believe. Building on the work of prominent psychology research thinkers ( Graves, Beck, Wilber etc) the course introduces a spectrum of world views ranging from the stone age survival to modern day people driven networks and beyond. The course explores how individuals and organisations fit across this spectrum and the degree of change and the change mechanism required to move to the next level of human performance. The course also invite participants  to experience what working in a self organising team environment feels like. The course challenges conventional thinking by bringing a fresh perspective based on the latest academic research and is a thought provoking day for the leader of any organisation. Having attended the course a leader will probably not look at conventional management books in quite the same way again!

Brian Martin, Director Caltona Glasgow

I found the session inspiring, energising and extremely engaging. Fiona and Sheila created a safe and innovative space and took us through an amazing and creative journey of discovery: a deep dive into values, behaviours, mindset, organisations, collaboration, structures and worldviews.

The session was packed with examples, exercises, group conversation, insights and inspiring stories. Driven by curiosity at first, I left the session full of hope and optimism for the future of the world and my organisation. Thank you so much to Fiona and Sheila for a really valuable session, one of the best I ever attended!

— Giulia Lucchini, City of Edinburgh Council

Friday’s course led by Fiona Savage and Sheila Cooke was exceptional and gave real substance around the “how” for organisations to work towards achieving flatter structures, increase effectiveness and improve productivity all through self-organising teams. Each of the participants shared their enthusiasm for getting back into their workplaces to start work on making this a reality.

As well as the great tools that were made available to us, it was also inspiring to hear from Sheila about the work of other experts in this field. It has to be said that Christopher and Sheila Cooke are themselves experts developing a very workable system linked to the work of Frederic Laloux, Ken Wilber, Don Beck and Professor Clare Graves. This has to be the way forwards for so many organisations who are currently struggling with change and complexity.

— Ian Robertson, City of Edinburgh Council

What was really encouraging to see, was that despite coming from different organisations, all the participants believe there is a better, more ethical way of running organisations. A way that nurtures and gets the most from the individuals within the organisation while at the same time being aware and taking responsibility for the impact the organisation has on the external environment. The nature of how we work is changing and this workshop gives great insight into how we can embrace this change.

— Valerie Jackman, Edinburgh College