The Business Case for Participatory Leadership

“The current approach to management is outdated… There is something in the air now… that is making us ready for a really momentous leap in terms of management.” – Frederic Laloux

What skills and capacities does your organization or company need in order to be flexible and successful in   the future?
How are your employees and customers influenced by societal developments, and what does this mean for  the type of leadership that you need to practice?
What is the a Business Case for Participatory Leadership?

“The participatory leadership paradigm is based on respect and engagement. It constructively
energy in every human to human encounter.  A more advanced, more democratic and more effective model of leadership, it harnesses diversity, builds community, and creates shared responsibility for action. It deepens individual and collective learning yielding real development and growth.”

The context we’re in. The world around us is changing at a faster rate than ever before. These images (7)changes make it difficult, if not impossible, to predict what society will look like in 10 years time and what this means for the business or organization you are in. Not only is the future uncertain, there is the growing imperative of the present: economic, social and environmental crises are urging us to rethink the way we do business.

Dealing with complexity. Our organizations and their challenges have become more complex and are increasingly stressful to manage. How can we relate to this complexity in a meaningful way and truly seize the opportunities it brings? What kind of leadership is required to lead in complexity and while maintaining our own balance?

In  a intense 3-day training 
 “The Business Case for Participatory Leadership” you will learn about key practices to lead a successful business through working from purpose, trust and collaboration. We will offer theory, tools and opportunities to practice developing and nourishing an inspiring work environment where people take responsibility and initiative for their own engagement.

AoH-Nov2103-2-300x225Bring your key challenges.  You are invited to bring in and work on your own key challenges amongst a group of peers: leaders, project managers, team coaches, HR experts, business developers, consultants and (in-company) trainers. This training offers a safe space to further develop and enhance your leadership skills and a unique opportunity to step into deep learning in a diverse international group.

You will leave with clear insights and practices to increase collaboration and innovation, and to translate ideas into wiser action. You will be part of a group of people who are ready to learn and willing to question themselves and the current paradigm. You are most invited!