What we do

My role is to help organisations and people to change, using participation to unlock potential, engagement and innovation.

I do this through facilitation, and by providing development and training services.


Many organisations find it beneficial to bring in an independent, skilled and experienced facilitator. I am a Collaborative Change Facilitator, specially trained in the roles required as part of the collaborative process. Services range from one-off interventions to more in-depth programmes of sustainable culture change, all based round around the principles of Participatory Leadership. All programmes are aimed at promoting radically better engagement, stronger commitment and sharper thinking, leading to powerful but actionable outcomes.

The core method used is the ‘hosting’ of collaborative conversations among your key groups to look differently at issues and relationships so that step-change can happen.

Development and training

I can help identify the best training to help you breakthrough and get the results you want. Delivering development on a team and personal level, to transform organisations and deliver outcomes and top level growth.

Team development

I am a qualified MBTI practitioner and use this methodology to design and deliver team building workshops that are creative and will inspire everyone. When the team is cohesive we maximise potential for organisations, teams and individuals, enabling people to reach beyond existing levels of capability to achieve even greater success.

Personal development

I am accredited to use The Mind Detox Method, a dynamic and powerful method used to root out and eradicate unhealthy beliefs. I have used it to great effect to enable individuals to overcome barriers, and unlock positive thoughts, in order to experience greater professional and personal success.

“Our business focus is very much on collaborative processes and actionable ideas and Fiona is a natural fit for strengthening our business. She is an excellent communicator, a skilled facilitator and an excellent host.” Christina Mackay, BeYonder Ltd