How we work

Congratulations. You’ve made the first step. You’re here because you want to make a change – to your organisation or your personal life.

Development and training

Many organisations are looking to hone and refine specific skills. Whether you are looking for one-off sessions or a regular programme held in the workplace, our training and development will be designed and delivered to achieve your goals.

During our sessions I’ll ask you to tell me about what you want to change – how you want your life or organisation to be different from how it is now. We identify what is getting in the way. And I select the best strategies to help you breakthrough and get the results you want, using the collective knowledge and wisdom within the organisation.

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Have you thought about using a facilitator? Here are some good reasons why:

  • A facilitator creates a safe environment where a group can have a conversation, come to agreement, and perhaps plan for the future.
  • They act as a trusted, objective voice, making decisions about the process the group goes through, but allowing the group to focus on and control the content of the discussion.
  • The facilitator is a gentle guide, making it easier for the group to have that discussion.

Perhaps most importantly, facilitators don’t have an agenda, and we are confided in by employees, stakeholders and customers, alike. Bring in a facilitator when you need more effective meetings, workshops, conference or team events; to help with problem solving, getting a group to reach a consensus or make difficult decisions.

As a professional facilitator, I can provide the time and skills you don’t have, to get the results you want – always with your business objectives in mind.

There are a number of techniques we can use, including:

  • U Process
  • Mindfulness
  • Art of Hosting
  • Appreciative Inquiryasite-e1396289072831
  • Innovation Games
  • Lightning Talks
  • Open Space
  • Spectogram
  • UnPanel
  • Visual Journalism/Graphic Recording
  • World Cafe


If you would like to find out more about our methodology please contact us.