The Mind Detox Method

The Mind Detox Method it can be used in your personal or business life. I trained with Sandy at the Mind Detox Academy and now offer the Mind Detox Method.

Are you having negative thoughts and conclusions that are hold you  back from achieve all you deserve. When you hear your self saying ‘I’m not…I always get… I always feel… I’m too… I will never … It’s hard to…’  STOP!  These sentences are  the start of your negative thoughts that are holding you back.  Im Theory U from MIT we learn unless we let go of the voices of fear, judgment and cynicism we struggle to move forward at work and in our personal lives .

The Mind Detox Method  is  a serious of questions that enables you to  identify the  assumptions that are holding you back. By  discovering the root cause, reason and resolve these negative conclusion, you are free to move on and achieve your goals.

Mind Detox helps you identify negative beliefs  created from your environment and recorded in your subconscious mind, then shows you how to record over the negative beliefs  within  the subconscious
with new positive understanding from updated learning.

The Mind Detox Method (MDM) is ideal for you if something negative is happening to your body or in your life and you don’t know why. It aims to discover and resolve the (often hidden) root cause for physical, emotional and/or life problems.

The method consists of a series of powerful questions asked between a Mind Detox Practitioner and client to discover and heal the negative beliefs (often hidden in the subconcious mind) , to let go of problems and stress and instead, enjoy more peace, happiness and life success.

The Biology of Belief 

Dr Lipton’s summarised the findings, entitled The Biology of Belief,  of his research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Dr Lipton has taken his award-winning medical school lectures to the public and is currently a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop presenter.

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