What is an Unconference?

UnconferenceAn Unconference brings people together to find solutions to an issue or question, or to discuss a particular theme, with emphasis placed on taking action as a result.

It could be about creating a greater understanding of what customers want from your organisation, either around the services you provide or the product you make. It could also be used to improve employee engagement or involve stakeholders in determining the of your organisation.

Unconferences typically follow this timetable:

Arrive. Meet people. Decide on good topics to talk about. Find a process e.g. Lightning Talk, Open Space, Fishbowl, World Café, Round Table, Q&A or simply just having a chat.Talk about the topics. Use Post It notes to puzzle things out. Learn. Think. Talk more. Stuff will happen. Lunch will happen. More good topics will be decided upon; another process will be chosen to ‘host’ the conversation. The collective knowledge of the group will emerge, innovative thinking will happen, and there will be more participation, learning and peer review. Gather together. Say goodbye to new contacts.

At the end of the Unconference you have a brain full of ideas; and a notepad with scant stuff in it because you were too busy listening and talking to write. We will collate all that has taken place and send this out to you.

You have met diverse and interesting people, participated, and interacted with more people than you would at a traditional conference. At an Unconference, you get to know what people THINK rather than just what they DO. It’s a different connection.

You spend time sharing ideas, discovering different perspectives and ways of thinking. You can ask for solutions to the relevant issues in your organisation or business. You get to try out new methodologies, or practise old ones again.

Once you have decided the question or issue to be tackled and agreed the timeframe, we will design and facilitate the Unconference session using a blend of participatory and energising techniques and exercises to ensure that you have a host of ideas harvested from the collective wisdom of the audience. The only real limiting factor is how much time you allocate to the Unconference. Use it as a productive breakout session or devote a full day or even several to a bigger topic to really drill down on a key subject and gain potential solutions to the issue.